• Jacob Hubbs


As of right now the Coronavirus Pandemic has definitely been something no one thought they would be a part of. The pandemic has completely shifted our social lives and individual communities. Not only that but it’s affected our workforce across the nation. On a national level, it seems more businesses are starting to shut down or cut back hours drastically. On a national level, it seems that the rate of increase continues to drop each day. That also entails that the rate of recovered has increased as well as the number of deaths unfortunately. However something that strikes odd with people is how the death rate of coronavirus deaths have stayed at a decent size increase rate. In talks with people locally they believe that any death is being listed as a coronavirus death. Moving along President Trump believes that we have reached our peak in cases across the United States and hope it will not be long for the nation to re-open and have life start to return back to normal. At this point the only thing that matters is we all work together to get through this and most importantly stay safe. Switching to a local level, Covid-19 has gone on to the point where pretty much all universities across the nation switched to an online class format and becoming ghost towns on campus. The idea is being tossed around about having a virtual graduation for the Senior classes of both high school and college. I talked to a couple University of St. Francis students on that idea. On the idea of an online virtual graduation Senior Michael Kicmal said, “Pointless to be honest. I wouldn’t even know how that would work. I think this year school wise is about as cancelled as it’s gonna get and it’s always gonna have an asterisk by it. So we should finish our coursework and have them mail the degrees or if the nation opens up, have a graduation in august.” I also talked with Senior Michael Pruchnik about virtual graduation and he had this to say, “In a way, it’s nice for the seniors to be recognized for their accomplishments, but on the other hand it’s not the way any of us would have liked it to go. There won’t be any photos, not friends and family to celebrate with. That’s what makes the graduation ceremony so fun, it's because you're sharing that experience with the people you care about. It won’t be the same, but I do respect the university trying to work with the hand they were dealt.” It seems this is the general consensus with seniors. They seem that they are okay with it because they would still like to be recognized but at the same time would much rather have a normal graduation. Hopefully in time things get cleared and places open back up that way seniors can get their proper send off.


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