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A Call to Those in Charge: We Deserve Better

This writer has chosen to stay anonymous in order to express the full message. 

As an institution, it is the head of the school’s job to be transparent and relay honest information to the students. Were you aware that at the last Board of Trustees meeting, all those in physical attendance were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19? President Arvid and others in attendance have been quarantined. Let me be clear, I am not upset that someone got sick. I am appalled that our school, founded on the pillars of integrity and respect, would think this information isn’t critical enough for its own students to know. President Arvid sent an email to inform the staff, how much harder would it have been to also email the students? 

How can we as students feel safe and comfortable on campus when we don’t know the truth about what’s going on? 

Take a look at other campuses. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has an easily accessible page called “COVID-19 Dashboard.” It provides the students running statistics of how many new positive cases there are, total daily tests, and the percent of students testing positive, as well as graphs and totals. Even our rival school, Lewis University, has up-to-date “COVID-19 Cases” statistics on their website. 

USF’s COVID-19 page hasn’t had an update since June 25… Let that sink in. 

Do not even get me started on how our spring break has been “modified” like fall break. When the University of Illinois actually put out a survey to students asking to cut spring break, an overwhelming number of students expressed the need for a break in order to maintain mental health. Similar to the University of Illinois' response, Illinois State University (ISU) will keep spring break and will implement increased COVID-19 testing after spring break. This information can be found in ISU’s weekly coronavirus updates. Oh, and you can find COVID-19 graphs, tests, and positive cases under ISU’s “COVID-19 Campus Case Tracker” on their website. 

USF, my question is this: Why the lack of communication regarding Covid-19 statistics on campus? Is the lack of information supposed to keep fear from our lives or is there some other factor at play?

All I ask is for integrity and respect. Integrity to know what’s going on around campus. And respect for my health. I demand that our USF website has a tally of the number of people testing positive, getting tested, and quarantining. 

On behalf of all students, 


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