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By: Deonte Bryant

Staff Writer

An ambulance parts the crowd at the November 5 Travis Scott Concert, Photo Courtesy of

When covid first hit, America shut down and took away concerts from not just the artists, but the fans. Because guidelines have changed and things have begun to open back up, people have been attending concerts and going to see their favorite artist or band. Before, people were afraid to attend concerts since they could possibly catch Covid. Now, people may be afraid to attend concerts at the risk of being trampled or being suffocated and losing their life.

Travis Scott is a hip-hop artist known for his songs “Goosebumps,” “Highest in the Room” and “Sicko Mode.” On November 5, 2021, Scott hosted his concert Astro World in Houston, Texas. There were 50,000 people in attendance to what turned out to be a disaster and horrific event. Nine people lost their lives that day, amongst many others who came out injured.

Apparently, the concert was overcrowded and people were walking on top of each other with little to no space. This may have to do with the fact that Scott encouraged his fans to jump barricades and storm security gates to gain entry to his show. Fans did whatever they could to see Scott perform. That did nothing but cause chaos amongst the crowd.

Multiple attendees attested to seeing large sections of the crowd get trampled on. The chief Houston’s fire department Samuel Pena says “The crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage, and that caused some panic, and it started causing some injuries. People began to fall out, become unconscious, and it created additional panic.”

More than 300 people were treated at a field hospital at the festival. Other attendees were taken to medical facilities, youngest being nine years old. One of the sad parts about it all is that people tried to get Scott to stop the concert, yet he continued with the show. He claimed that he was unaware of what was going on, but myself and others find that hard to believe.

On the same day of the incident, he was spotted at Dave and Busters after the show. Again, he claimed he did not know what had occurred at his own concert during that time. The next day he went on Instagram to make note of what occurred the day before and try to be concerned for the ones who lost their life. Many will say the video is very unapologetic. The lawsuits have already been rolling in, and cancel culture is back once again.

Many people feel that Scott could have prevented the deaths and the injuries of those at his concert. We will never know what could have happened if he stopped the show, but we can prevent this from happening in the future. Rest in peace to all nine people who just wanted to have a good time at a concert.

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